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Hot Blooded_Of Dreams and Gossip
Hot Blooded
Chapter 1: Of Dreams and Gossip

Droplets of crimson and scorch marks marred a brick wall in one of the many alley ways that exist in larger metropolitan areas. The air carried the scent of burned flesh as the sound of footsteps falling on the pavement echoed through the narrow area. A girl ducked behind a pile of boxes and a large recycling dumpster as she peered around the corner to watch. Two large men, one whom was all dark red with bright purple markings; and the other was a void of dark colors creating a patchy pattern across his skin with one triangular marking on his forehead.
The dark one yelled, “This is the end of the line, you can't turn your back on us ever. You swore an oath!”
“Watch me. The only way I'm going back under now is if you kill me and drag me back!” The red one shouted in reply
He then turned his purple eyes to where the girl was hiding while beginning to summon an orb of flames... “Wake up”

I op
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WIPSM_Keeper of the Library by Riori WIPSM_Keeper of the Library :iconriori:Riori 0 3 Former Enemies by Riori Former Enemies :iconriori:Riori 0 3 You Can't Run_WIP by Riori You Can't Run_WIP :iconriori:Riori 0 7
Half-Demon Girl (WIP)
The half-demon girl
General Information
First name:Mereana (pronounced Mary-Anna)
Middle name(s): Alison
Name meaning: Loyalty and Nobility, Grant-Bestow, Great
Nicknames: Mere
Age: 16
Date of birth: July 9th
Race: Caucasian, with Scottish and Australian roots
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Current residence: Columbus, Ohio
Relationship status: Casually dating John, not serious
Social status: Lower middle-class
Physical Appearence (human)
Weight: 148 pounds
Eye color: greenish-blue
Skin color: medium peach, tans easily in the summer months
Shape of face: Long, Oval
Distinguishing features: Once she makes the change, a few scars appear that resemble her tribal markings in her demon form.
Build of body: The Triangle shape (if you know female body types), she is tall and lithe with smaller features and few not much in curves on the top half of her body but has slightly wide hips.
Hair colour: medium brown
Hair style:long and straight. Sty
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Telane lives! by Riori Telane lives! :iconriori:Riori 0 1 Inverted fire_still by Riori Inverted fire_still :iconriori:Riori 0 1 Inverted Fire by Riori Inverted Fire :iconriori:Riori 1 0 Cole finds Love by Riori Cole finds Love :iconriori:Riori 0 3
What's in the Bag? CH 4
What's in The Bag?
Chapter 4: Phoebe

It was exactly two days until Christmas and the family had all finished up their shopping, decorating, and now three sisters stood in the kitchen baking up a storm. The shorter sister with straight, long brown hair was at the helm spitting out directions on what still needed to be done.
Leo glanced at Cole “Ok follow my lead,”
Cole gave a nervous look back to the shorter man “Leo, Are you sure Piper isn't going to kill us?”
“Oh she'll be mad. But she gets over it fast, I'll orb us out of there if it comes to it,” Leo answered and Cole rolled his eyes at that answer. The two men were ducking behind the main door frame that lead from the dining room in to the kitchen. Cole was leaning his weight on the side of the curio cabinet while Leo rested on the wall. The two could smell the cookies that had just come out of the oven, and the apple tarts were taunting them from the cookie sheets as Phoebe placed them
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To meet the Duke of Richmond by Riori To meet the Duke of Richmond :iconriori:Riori 1 3
What's in the Bag? CH 3
What's In The Bag?
Chapter 3: Leo

Author's Note: Well I hope to wrap this story up as I said by New Year's Eve if not sooner. There are 2 more chapters left to go after this one. That's all. As always I do not own Charmed etc it is (c) to Constance Burge and WB.
Two sets of blue eyes were staring at the Halliwell sisters dumbfounded by their questions about the past. But more so, Cole mused to himself, the two men were constantly horrified by the way the sisters knew so little about the history of the very music and cinematic pieces that the three women enjoyed so much. 'Perhaps,' Cole continued to muse to himself 'Leo and I are more just irritated by the constant reminders about how old we really are compared to our female counterparts.'
It was a Friday night and so the two couples, Paige, and her friend Glenn who was in town for a few days, had decided to adventure to the little theater not far from P3's that was showing It's a Wonderful Life for the holiday season.
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What's in the Bag? CH 2
What's in The Bag?
Chapter 2: Paige

Author's Note: Thank you so much for the feed back! Obviously this story won't be completed by Christmas as I had planned but it will be done by the New Year and the last chapter will be worth it (Especially if you are a fan of Phoebe and Cole) But this story is for fun I do not own Charmed or any of the character, they are (c) to Constance M. Burge and the WB etc. On to the story
December 13th is what the date read on the calender as Phoebe marked off the previous day. It was early in the morning and she had planned a shopping day with her younger sister. She then walked quietly over to the full sized bed and reached across a sleeping figure to turn the volume down on her alarm clock.
A taller form that stretched out and consumed the full length of Phoebe's bed turned over under the plush comforter as the young woman laid back down to place a light kiss on the man's forehead. When that got no reaction, she began to run her f
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What's In The Bag?
What's in The Bag?
Chapter 1: Piper

Author's Note: This is total Charmed/Cole Turner holiday fluff. It was a quick way to get my creative juices flowing and to combine it with my current holiday mood. It always kind of bummed me out that other shows did Christmas specials but Charmed never did. So voila! This is set in Season 4, before Cole was possessed with the Source's Magic but after he lost his demon half, Belthazor, so between the episodes Muse to my Ears and A Paige from the Past.
Each Person will be a Chapter :)
"Piper you can't keep freezing Cole just because he isn't hanging the garland right!" Phoebe yelled out in exasperation
"Well you got on my case about lecturing him. Make up your mind!" Piper spat back
The Manor was in the process of being decked out for the coming Christmas season and Phoebe was pulling out the ornaments while Cole was assisting with wrapping a thin silver garland around the thick oak railing that ran up the stairway. Piper was gettin
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A HalBreed...Ch 2 Trust at First Fight?
A Half-Breed's Redemption
Chapter 2: Trust at first fight?</b>
Author's Note:
I do not own Charmed or any of the original characters, however the characters of Lillith and Maria are my own creation.
Enter the Halliwell Manor, on the plane of Limbo
Cole Turner continued staring at this girl as she seemed to be pondering what was best to say next. He had continued to push the distance between himself and this new girl that appeared by standing from his seat in the chair and taking a few steps away. When the taller man did this, Lillith seemed a bit frustrated and stood to her full height and stared in to his green eyes.
"Do you care for the Halliwells?" Lillith asked as she continued to stare in to his face and study his reactions. The question was not what she had expected to start off with but the way he was watching the family and how he had ended up being stuck there for eternity, Lillith already knew the answer to the question. But she wanted him to say so
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Close up Griffix by Riori Close up Griffix :iconriori:Riori 1 0



Sophia Annie
United States
Anything you want to know, just ask me and get to know me.

Current Residence: Ohio
Favourite genre of music: Techno,Heavy Metal
Favourite style of art: CG in Photoshop
Operating System: Windows
Wallpaper of choice: Cole Turner
Favourite cartoon character: Bubbles from PPG, Sailor Jupiter
Personal Quote: Change always happens. Know yourself, everything else falls in to place.
  • Reading: As Puck would Have it
Are any of you on Tumblr? I am giving it a try but still unsure. I want to create different accounts for my original story and then for my artwork but right now it is all clustered together on both DA and Tumblr. 
If you are on there leave me a note or comment and I'll add you. My name on Tumblr is Caligodragonstar. <--- full link. Well that's all for now my loves aka anyone who even notices lol. 



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